House-museum "Hindliyan"
Desislava Mincheva-Yordanova

House-museum "Hindliyan"


Among the most beautifully decorated homes in the Old Town is the one of the Renaissance merchant Stepan Hindliyan. The owner was a well-known and wealthy merchant, a representative of one of the four richest Armenian families in the city. His real name is Stepan Manug, but because of his active trade with India, he was nicknamed “Hindioglu”, hence - Hindliyan.

The house was built between 1834 and 1835 by unknown artisans. The courtyard can be entered both from “Artin Gidikov” Str. and from the courtyard of the adjacent “Balabanova” house. The residences form a harmonious architectural ensemble. Hindliyan’s yard unites some auxiliary buildings, a bathroom and a basement. The frescoes on the second floor depict cities the owner visited during his commercial trips - Alexandria, Venice, Istanbul and Lisbon. Details are hand painted by Chirpan and Italian masters. The sumptuous decoration and original furniture, even the household’s everyday life details easily carry us into the elitist Renaissance atmosphere of the rich merchant’s house.

Various cultural events are regularly held at the house.


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