Hotnishki Falls

Hotnishki Falls


Near the village of Hotnitsa, in the region of Veliko Tarnovo, the Bohot River reaches a high cliff, giving it a loving and tender embrace and then drops spectacularly over the edge, presenting a splendid performance of dancing droplets. The waterfall with a total drop of only 30 m. descends in a constricted form, scatters reaching the lower rocks and then spreads out in the wider magnificently green pool at the bedrock.

The amazing water spectacle is set against the backdrop of a pleasant glade, a great place for the audience. Here, you can choose your own adventure – it’s a great place to pitch a tent or you could come here with a picnic blanket only. But for what it’s worth, get your camera, уou’ll definitely regret not doing it.

A small eco trail begins at the waterfall and goes along the gorge, near beautiful cascades, fabulous pools, charming bridges and wooden stairs. It’s only about a kilometer and a half long, but every step of it is totally worth


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