Kostenski Waterfall
Donka Popova

Kostenski Waterfall


Kostenski Waterfall bears the name of the neighbouring town of Kostenets or perhaps of the eponymous village located nearby… It owes its glory primarily to the beautiful locality that surrounds it and to its connection with writer Ivan Vazov. The waterfall is mentioned in many of the Bulgarian literature classicist’s works. It is located on the Chavcha River which flows through heavily rocked areas and almost touches the natural caves and rock formations scattered everywhere around. They, along with the plants that live around the waterfall, are protected. In the past there was a hot mineral water bath with seven springs engraved in the rocks near the Kostenski Waterfall. It had served the local people for a long time before an earthquake destroyed it.


The waterfall itself isn’t big – just 10m. However, the tall rocks with their manifold shapes give it a peculiar fairytale-like aura. Lovers of high water should best visit the waterfall in the spring when the river is the highest. In the winter the waterfall acquires a charming look thanks to the beautiful icy shapes that the frozen water forms.


The waterfall is a starting point to several major tourist trails in the north part of Rila. All of them lead to Belmeken: Kostenets Villas (“Vili Kostenets”) resort – the valley of the Chavcha River – Belmeken Chalet; Kostenski Waterfall – Gurgulitsa Chalet – Belmeken Chalet; Kostenets Villas (“Vili Kostenets”) resort – Belmeken Sports Complex.




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