Chiprovski Waterfall
Petar Cholakov

Chiprovski Waterfall


One of the most beautiful natural sights in Bulgaria - Chiprovski waterfall, is located in a truly scenic area – the land of Chiprovtsi. The 18-meter high waterfall scatters fresh water droplets over the green landscape and reveals an unforgettable spectacle of beauty. The route to the waterfall starts after Chiprovtsi. The left fork of the country road, towards the village of Martinovo, leads to a small recreation area – a fountain with a table and some wooden chairs - the Eco trail "Damyanitsa" begins there. It passes through quite a few picturesque places in the western part of Stara Planina. After a wooden bridge, there’s a sign that indicates the beginning of the natural trail. The end of the second wooden bridge marks the beginning of a path that leads into the woods. There are red-and-white markings and a few signs. The last stretch of the path that leads beyond the waterfall is rather steep and slippery, but the view from the top is fabulous.

The waterfall is a quiet and beautiful place, suitable for picnics or just some leisure time with fiends at the backdrop of the unspoiled wild.


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