Karlovsko Praskalo Falls

Karlovsko Praskalo Falls


The Karlovo waterfall was named after the nearby town of Karlovo. It is located in Stara Planina at 1450 meters above sea level, between the peaks of Levski and Kupena. The waterfall was formed in the course of a small tributary of the Golema Reka River (eng: Big River) as the Malka Reka River (eng: Little River) runs nearby. The Stara Reka River is formed by the confluence of the Golema and Malka Reka rivers. The total vertical drop of the Karlovo Falls is 30 m. and it's a place of year-round beauty.

However, the low water flow in summer may slightly affect the water spectacle, but the winter season makes up for that providing spectacular “ice shows” – the waterfall in its frozen glittering state is a sight to behold.


The shortest route to the waterfall is through the Vasil Levski Cabin. It only takes about ten minutes by foot. The route to the cabin itself starts at the town of Karlovo as the trail winds along Stara Reka River offering exits to Suchurum and Chernoto Praskalo Falls (eng: Black Falls) and the joy of beautiful landscapes.


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