Skaklya Waterfall

Skaklya Waterfall


One of Bulgaria’s unique natural spots which not only deserves our attention but captivates us and draws us back here again and again is Skaklya Waterfall near the village of Bov. The Skaklya River pours its waters down an impressive rocky ledge rising some 230 metres from the ground, making us fall in love with them. The water descends a series of steps. The first one is really impressive with its 85 metres of height. Further down the waters hide into the splits of the rock to flow again out of mysterious cracks.

During the summer the water can almost disappear, being highest in the spring. In combination with the sun rays it performs a true light spectacle with particles shining in different colours. Magical icy formations welcome the tourists during the winter season.

It is the fourth biggest waterfall in Bulgaria. You can reach it along the so called Vazov’s footpath – a place that once captivated the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature Ivan Vazov and that captivates thousands of tourists to this day. The path connects the villages of Gara Bov and Zasele and takes the visitors into the magical world of Bulgaria’s wonderful nature.


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