Leshnishki Falls

Leshnishki Falls


The Leshnishki Falls is worth a visit not only because of the beauty of the water spectacle, but for the wonderful experience that the great eco trail leading to the landmark offers.

The Leshnishki Falls is a waterfall on the Leshnishka River in the Belitsa Nature Reserve formed at an altitude of 680 m. and dropping from a height of 6.5m. The water spreads over moss-covered boulders and continues its way down over different stone tiers, creating an enchanting picture. The Friends eco trail beginning at the Belitsa Cabin leads to the waterfall and offers interesting information about the Nature Reserve.

The picturesque route passes along centuries-old beech forest, among fabulous trees and beautiful places. For the most part it is rather flat and suitable for bikes and there’s a blue marking. The hike from Belasitsa Cabin to the waterfall takes about half an hour and every minute’s worth it, because the whole area is incredibly beautiful.


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