"Venetsa" Cave
Desislava Mincheva

"Venetsa" Cave


"Veneca" cave is located near the village of Oreshets. It was discovered in 1970 during blasting in the quarry next to the village. In the following years, it was explored and mapped by speleologists from the "White Bat" cave club at the "Belogradchishki skali" TD, and began accepting tourists in 2015.


The cave has corridors 200 meters long and 5 waterfalls. It has been declared as a natural landmark because of its colorful calcite formations and ice crystals in the shape of flowers, figures and animals. The coral colonies, picturesque galleries and impressive white and yellow onyx crystals will immerse you in the fairyland of the most beautiful cave in Bulgaria. When visiting the cave, do not forget to take pictures without flashes, so as not to wake up its little inhabitants - the bats.



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