“Echoing Bell Chimes” Eco trail

“Echoing Bell Chimes” Eco trail


In the beautiful area of Ribaritsa, a well-maintained eco trail will take you from the village of Ribaritsa to the impressive Etropole Monastery of the Holy Trinity and the magnificent Varovitets Waterfall. The 2.5-km trail stretches along dozens of glades with wonderful flowers under the canopy of primeval forests.

There’re numerous picnic and resting areas, picnic shelters for groups and playgrounds along the Bell Chime making it suitable for all ages. Wooden railings and bridges, complemented with variously shaped rocks and trees covered in clumps of moss bring a special fairytale tinge to the place, while shallow intertwining roots, in places serving as stairs, put the finishing touches to this enchanting picture.

There’s a spring with non-liturgical holy water close to the Monastery and the headwaters of the small Varovitets River. In the past, in the hope of curing illnesses people flocked to the cold spring to bathe in the healing waters. Hikers and modern-day pilgrims don’t fail to visit the holy spring. Though at present, they drink water and throw coins in it asking for health and well-being.

And when it comes to well-being – those who have visited or are going to visit these places are already fortunate, blessed with the breathtaking beauty of nature and the magic of history.

They’re given hope for the future.


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