Snow White Cave

Snow White Cave


The fabulous "Snow White" Cave is located in the Rhodope Mountains, 5 km away from the town of Peshtera.  An impressive number and variety of shapes - stalactites, stalagmites, lakes and drapery formations dominate the inside of the so called "Pearl of the Rhodopes." The cave earned its name thanks to the white rock formations, whose shape has been likened to that of animals or fairy tale characters, each petrified in a separate part of the cave – the "Great Hall", the "Music Hall", the "Hall of udders".  The frozen “Snow White” herself patiently awaits her prince at the silvery white backdrop of "The Magic room" amongst snow-white cave drapes and synths ponds. Nearby, the motionless dwarfs remain eternal witnesses of her love and trepidation. "The Parrot", "The Dolphin", marble figurines and silver candelabras decorate the inner space and contribute to the dreamlike look of every nook and corner here.

"Snow White" is only 145 m. long, but apart from the huge variety of cave formations, it has given shelter to interesting biodiversity as well. Among those are four species of bats. According to historians and the artifacts discovered, around 600 BC it obviously provided shelter for ancient Thracian tribes as well.

The "Snow White" Cave was proclaimed a natural landmark and is part of the “ Hundred National tourist sites” Initiative.


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