The Vacha Dam Resevoir

The Vacha Dam Resevoir


The reservoir created by the Vacha Dam is blessed with a fine location - in the stunning gorge cut by the river of the same name. The countryside around the reservoir is absolutely beautiful and well favored by many.  The steep and inaccessible rocky shores prevent overfishing and ensure that the rich biodiversity is maintained, making the place even more popular. Some like it probably of because the everlasting human desire to conquer the unknown, while others simply enjoy the variety of fish -  carp, trout, chub, perch, catfish, pike, zander and many more.

The specific local color is complemented by the floating lake chalets. The pontoon houses offer self-catering accommodation for your holiday. The shores offer opportunities and conditions for leisure time activities as well. There’s a great trail for hiking that runs to the nearby Mount Iliya offering unique views of the amazing bluish-green lake waters, with the fabulous coves and picturesque inlet lakes.

The "Vacha" Dam Reservoir is located in the Rhodopes, near the town of Pazardzhik. It’s also known by its former name of "Anton Ivanov" or "Antonivanovtsi." Among the largest in Bulgaria, the 18-kilometer-long reservoir has the highest dam wall in the country as well - 144.5 meters. The place is visually arresting and we strongly recommend that you see it for yourself.


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