Cape Shabla
Antonia Ivanova

Cape Shabla


Cape Shabla is Bulgaria’s easternmost point – the first place in the country that the sun shines upon every morning. Even if you’ve never been there, chances are you’ve at least seen a photograph of the Shabla Lighthouse which has become an emblem of this beautiful place on the Northern Black Sea coast.


The lighthouse at Cape Shabla is the oldest working lighthouse not just in Bulgaria but in the whole Balkan Peninsula. It’s officially considered that it was built in 1856 but there are records that assume it might be even older. The 32-metre tall lighthouse can be also seen from the inside if you’re lucky: in certain days during the summer it is open for visitors.


The fishing village of Kariya is located in immediate proximity to the lighthouse. It captivates the passer-by with its rustic atmosphere and with the fishermen’s laughter and jokes. There’s a little restaurant near the lighthouse famous for its fish soup. There’s also a hot mineral water outdoor bath built nearby which everyone can use for free.


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