The rocky arch near Tyulenovo
Iliyana Shishkova

The rocky arch near Tyulenovo


One of the most impressive spots along the North Black Sea coast is located near the village of Tyulenovo. A long time ago representatives of the monk seal species used to live in the waters by the village. Thanks to them it received its name. (The Bulgarian word for “seal” is “tyulen.”) Apart from the seals, the village is famous for the beautiful arch in the sea.


The surrounding rocks have shapes that spark the imagination and calm the senses. There are huge rock pieces scattered on the sea bottom, too. They form numerous underwater tunnels, caves and canyons. And when we add the remains of a number of ships from various historical periods, it is no wonder why so many visitors come here to dive into the sea. Others find themselves on this isolated spot to witness an amazing natural phenomenon – the rocky arch. Apart from being a spot for the usual paying a tribute to the power and talent of nature, the rocks are favourite location for climbers not only from Bulgaria but from many other countries.


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