Shabla Salty Lake
Antonia Ivanova

Shabla Salty Lake


Shablenskata tuzla is a salty lake (of the lagoon type) with an area of 250 decares which is located about 6km east of the town of Shabla. The lake is separated from the sea by an approximately 80m wide sandspit covered with beautiful dunes. Its average depth is 0.6m.


The reed surrounding the lake makes it a cosy home to a great variety of animal and plant species. Here one can see 13 species of endangered plants listed in the Red Book as well as 41 species of birds. The lake is famous for its curative mud which is particularly abundant and unceasingly accumulated thanks to the local water flora and fauna. Because of its biodiversity and local importance the lake is declared a protected territory.


There’s a trail going round the lake which takes the visitor into a wonderful world whose peace is only disturbed by the cry of the birds. There are convenient observation platforms built at certain places.


Near the lake there are recreational facilities built just mere feet away from the sea. Very often one can see dolphins here right from the beach. The beach in front of the camping site is long and clean and so guarantees a more peaceful holiday than what other places on the Black Sea coast usually offer.


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