Vazov’s Eco Trail

Vazov’s Eco Trail


Vazov’s Eco Trail near the railway station of Bov is growing in popularity and increasingly attracts tourists.

What brings them here? The picturesque sights along theway and the desire to experience the inspiration of the prominent and classic Bulgarian author Ivan Vazov - an invitation to visit that simply cannot be declined. Captivated by the beautiful scenery, the writer himself often visited these places and even created some of his most famous works here. Vazov’s trail is a part of a tourist route starting at Vazov’s house in the village of Bov.

The trail leads to one of the highest waterfalls in Bulgaria - "Skaklya" pouring from a height of 85 m. At the end of the route, you could see the historical Zli kamik (eng: The Evil stone) overhanging the banks of the Iskar River. The cliff has its eternal place in literature – in Vazov's short story "Grandpa Yotzo watching."

Vazov’s trail connects the villages of Bov and Zasele. Therefore, the trail’s starting point is a matter of choice and there’s the opportunity to make the walk circular.The walk takes only about an hour and a half. However, the place offers excellent conditions for a pleasant break close to nature - benches, gazebos, shelters. Here, a picnic in the glade would be an idyllic experience.

Keen mountaineers could easily camp anywhere around - they just need to choose a meadow and pitch their tents. And draw inspiration ... Who knows how far it may take them...


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