"The Seven Thrones" Monastery
Petar Cholakov

"The Seven Thrones" Monastery


The Osenovlashki monastery "Our Holy Lady" is about 4 km. from the village of Osenovlag and it’s also known as the “Seven Thrones”. It is believed that the monastery was founded during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (1185- 1393). In the vicinity of the monastery there’s a Roman fortress, whose remains were actually used for the construction of the Seven Throne’s gate.

Legend has it that the monastery was founded by seven noblemen (“boyars”) or seven brothers from Bessarabia (currently part of Moldova), who settled with their families in Bulgaria in the 11th century. The seven villages near the Monastery: Osenovlag, Ogoya, Ogradishte, Bukovets, Leskov Dol, Zhelen, Lakatnik are said to have originated from those families.

The monastery church has seven separate altars and that’s the only temple in Bulgaria with similar design. The monastery offers accommodation too.


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