Byala Reka Eco Trail

Byala Reka Eco Trail


Byala Reka (White River) Eco Trail offers a very pleasant walk amid the beautiful nature around Kalofer. It is located to the northwest of the town, in Central Balkan National Park. Its almost 2 kilometres of length take around an hour but offer magical views to forests and meadows, springs, plants and animals. Eleven of the representatives of the flora are unique for the region. Here you can meet some of the most popular fairy-tale heroes among the animals – bears, wolves, wild goats and many others.


The trail starts near the Kalofer Men Monastery and goes across wild and beautiful places. At a few spots it gets on magical little wooden benches across Byala River itself, passes by rest spots, takes the visitors to observation platforms and offers them signs with information on the inhabitants of the region.


The eco trail might bear the name of the nearby river, which is called Byala (‘White’), but during the spring and summer it captivates us with its greens and in the autumn – with its multitude of colours. Only during the winter and when it has snowed does it give justice to its romantic name.


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