Septemvriytsi 1923 Monument, Lakatnik
Georgi Yordanov

Septemvriytsi 1923 Monument, Lakatnik


The Septemvriytsi Monument is heroically perched on top of the winding rock bank near the village of Lakatnik. In memory of those who perished in the September Uprising of 1923, it rises from an astounding height to remind us about history and bravery but also about cruelty. The monument offers a spectacular panoramic view to the Iskar River, winding its way along the gorge.


The reddish colour of the monuments recalls the blood that was spilt and a single look down into the abyss where it is said that the fascists threw out the rebels is enough to freeze the blood. The heroic fights between the rebels and the fascist forces near the village of Lakatnik lasted three days. The names of all those brave Bulgarians have remained in the history forever. A single ascent to the memorial site brings us closer to their feat and makes us more conscious and more grateful.


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