Ecotrail "Canyon Falls"
Mihail Tomov

Ecotrail "Canyon Falls"


Canyon Falls is an ecotrail in the truly scenic Rhodope Mountains, close to Smolyan and on the road towards the village of Mugla. For a while, the trail’s following a dry meandering riverbed, and then it goes up into the woods, passes through the unique Nature reserve "Soskovcheto" and reaches Gerzovska River. Its waters have carved a stunning canyon, finding their way through the high cliffs and have given us the opportunity to revel in the excitement of  all the magical views around. There're about 50 waterfalls here as the trail itself reveals ten of them. The smaller ones are astonishing - Kamen ulei, Kazanite, Ropkata, Sartseto, Kaskadite, but the largest is absolutely fascinating – the almost 70-meter-high “Orpheus”.  The waterfall bears the name of the mythical musician and perhaps if we try hard enough we could see his magical harp reflected somewhere in the water jets.


Every step of the 4-kilometer Canyon Falls is worth it. There isn’t a single moment here that doesn’t hold you spellbound. The wonderful scenery is perfectly complemented by the recreation spots and the panoramic ramps and sites. You only have to open and feed your senses, replenish your soul and perhaps try to capture the beauty in a picture or so.


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