Church of St. George in Varshets
Georgi Yordanov

Church of St. George in Varshets


The temple of St. George in Varshets has been proclaimed to be a cultural monument with local significance. It was built in the beginning of last century. In 1906 it was sanctified by Vidin’s metropolitan bishop Kiril. It is a cross-dome basilica. Some of its icons are even older, dating from 17 and 18 century. Its four chandeliers, brought from Jerusalem and Tsarigrad, are particularly impressive. The two central candle holders, given to the temple by Dimitar Penev – soldier of Botev’s division, are also quite interesting. The iconostasis has been woodcarved by a local master and the icons are made by renowned academician Ivan Stefanov.


In 1992 the church was fully restored and decorated. On the temple’s holiday – St. George’s Day – mutton is boiled and many worshippers arrive for the celebration.


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