Chernelka Eco-trail
Donka Popova

Chernelka Eco-trail


Chernelka Eco-trail connects the Pleven villages of Kartozhabene and Gortalovo. It winds itself amid the lush greenery and the homes of numerous animal species, spanning 7 kilometres in length. Here the small Chernelka River has formed a picturesque canyon and exposes its beautiful landscapes. There are many resting places, little bridges for safe river crossing and even barbecues placed along the trail.


Nature has created a number of phenomena in this area, declared a natural sight, among which the Ivanovata, Mominata and Tsareva Dupka caves and the Kapchuka, Baba Raditsa and Bablya springs. Traces of centuries-old human presence are seen even today – ancient Roman roads, rock paintings or the ancient 15-metre Provartenika well dug out in a rock.


Inspired by the variety of rock formations, the folklore has thought up many a legend about these places. At the very beginning of the trail the eye is drawn to the Tsepen Kamak (Split Stone) rock. According to the legend, the stone was split by Krali Marko who spent three days here in a furious fight with a black man called Musa Kesadzhiya. After defeating him, Musa ran away and so Krali Marko took his sword and in his anger split the rock in two.


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