Villa Armira

Villa Armira


Villa Armira is one of the richest Roman villas discovered on Bulgarian territory. The villa is 4 km. west of Ivaylovgrad, on the road to the village of Svirachi. Built in the second half of the 1st century AD in the valley of River Armira, the villa was the private residence of rich Thracian landowners. The Thracian origin of the owners was proven by the excavations of the Great Mound at the nearby village of Svirachi. The residence is set around an impressive swimming pool with a lavish decoration of white Rhodope marble.

The mosaics made of semiprecious stones and sculptural elements are particularly impressive. Because of its spectacular decoration and mosaics, villa Armira is a truly valuable treasure of ancient culture.

The villa is part of the “100 National tourist sites of Bulgaria” program.


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