National Aprilov High School
Georgi Jordanov

National Aprilov High School


The elite high school was named after its founder, the National Revival activist and educator Vasil Aprilov. In Bulgaria, he introduced the “monitorial system” of education in place of the monastery school. The first modern secular school in the country, founded in 1835, continues its educational activities, without interruption to this day. In 1872 the Aprilov School became high school, as well. The National Museum of Education is housed in the building of Aprilov High school and in front of it - there’s a monument of Vasil Aprilov.

In 2010, on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of its foundation, the high school received the Honorary Sign of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria for "Continuation of the national traditions in education and exceptional achievements in contemporary education." The “Aprilov days of culture” take place every year, from mid-May to graduation-day. The events include workshops, theater performances, concerts and readings.


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