"Presentation of the Blessed Virgin" Church
Petar Cholakov

"Presentation of the Blessed Virgin" Church


 "The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin" Church, declared a national monument, is located in the "Varosha" neighborhood in Blagoevgrad. It was built as a replica of the Rila Monastery temple and the bell tower is to the side of the building. There’s a monument, dedicated to Gotse Delchev’s family in the churchyard. Before the construction of that church, a small chapel at the same spot housed the so called “cell” school /all primary schools attached to monasteries during the Ottoman Rule were called “cell schools”/of Gorna Dzhumaya.  In 1838, the townspeople requested the permission to build a new church from the Sublime Porte. Since it was period of modernization for the Ottoman Empire, the authorization was granted and the construction started in 1840. The people built the temple with their own money and voluntary work. Four years later, the church was consecrated and during the National Revival, a new and at the time, elite school was built. Today, the church is an active temple with preserved authentic appearance.


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