The Melnik Pyramids
Petar Cholakov

The Melnik Pyramids


Even the very mentioning of the smallest town in Bulgaria- Melnik, conjures up images of nestled cottages and sparkling red wine. Unfailingly, the images are surrounded by the presence of another natural phenomenon - located at the outskirts of the town- The Melnik Pyramids. They are sand formations, with a height of up to 100 m., covering a total area of 50 km2. There the eye, but mostly the imagination discovers all sorts of interesting shapes- cones, pyramids, needles, mushrooms. On top of them there are beautiful deciduous trees and various grasses. Actually, the slopes are sandy formations and in places they’re nearly sheer. They’re result of clay erosion and the process of soil formation is ongoing.

Declared a natural landmark in 1960, today the peculiar natural formations attract visitors from around the world. The highest parts reveal landscapes that strengthen the sense of peace and harmony with nature.


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