Pchelina Dam
Iliyana Shishkova

Pchelina Dam


The former village of Pchelintsi lies under today’s Pchelina Dam. It was sunken in the 70s of last century in order for the dam to be constructed. Since time immemorial the medieval temple of Sv. Yoan Letni has been picturesquely perched on top of a high rock above the water. The antique finds discovered during the dam construction are proof that there was ancient life in this region.


Pchelina spans over an area of 5.38 square metres, with the shoreline length being no less than 34 kilometres. The Svetlya and Struma rivers flow into it. There are recreational homes and an entertainment park by the shore. The waters of the dam provide many fishermen with an opportunity for a good catch. The dam abounds with carassius, common rudd, common roach, wels catfish, zander and redfin perch.


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