Boyan Danovski Municipal Drama Theatre
ОДТ "Боян Дановски"

Boyan Danovski Municipal Drama Theatre


Boyan Danovski Municipal Drama Theatre was established in the distant 1919. After a series of obstacles and upsurges, today, it functions as a repertory theatre. The discovery of interesting and challenging for interpretation texts as well as the staging of powerful performances based on them is a guarantee for attracting an audience and for the acknowledgment of the theatre.


The repertory theatre is a proven form for the good creative realisation of the company, on one hand, and for the establishing of valuable contacts with spectators of different ages on the other. In its development, Boyan Danovski Municipal Drama Theatre has had seasons which have proven it has its own look and aesthetics. Through its plays it has successfully become part of the national theatre space and has contributed significantly to the cultural aspect of the region.


The theatre riots, illuminates, worries, disturbs, excites, elevates, provokes, breaks the status quo. It’s living matter. It burns down in the moment of creation and rises from the ashes. It is a form of miraculous communication in which all people give and receive something that changes them. We need to keep the theatre alive in order to understand what’s happening with us, to express the pain hanging in the air but also to glimpse a ray of hope amid the chaos and the nightmare of our everyday lives.


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