Paradise Rocks

Paradise Rocks


Incredible as it may seem, the Paradise rocks are actually…… in hell. Sounds contradictory but there’s certain logic to it. It comes from the name of the reserve, where the beautiful area is located - "Dzhendema" is actually the Turkish word for "hell."

The Paradise rocks are considered among the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. The cliffs encircle the highest waterfall in Bulgaria – Raiskoto Praskalo ( eng: Paradise falls). The course of the waterfall rises close to Botev Peak.

The Raysko Praskalo( i.e. Paradise Falls) drops for 124.5 m and is awe- inspiring. There’re several tourist routes in Dzhendema Reserve(the Balkan Mountains) with the same starting point – Panichishte, a resort 7km. from the town of Kalofer. The only cabin in the area, also bearing the "Paradise" name, is at the foot of the Paradise rocks.

The whole area is absolutely enchanting. The Alpiniada- a competitive sports camp, traditionally takes place at the Paradise rocks. The challenge is aimed at climbing lovers. The event has contributed a great deal to the popularity of the place.


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