Kongur Peak

Kongur Peak


The dome-shaped Kongur Peak rises in the Belasitsa Mountains at an altitude of 1951 m. The peak marks the border between Bulgaria and Greece and there’re some buildings of the former border patrol outpost left. The nearby cabin, named after the summit, has military background as well and used to be a frontier post years ago. That’s still evident.

The starting points for climbing Mount Kongur are the town of Petrich and the Belasitsa and Kongur cabins. The hike from the eponymous cabin to the top takes about two hours. The highest peak of Belasitsa  Radomir Peak, at the height of 2,029m. above sea level is no more than an hour's drive away from the nearly 2000-meter-high Kongur. The prize for climbing Kongur, and beyond, are the enticing views to the Bulgarian and Greek lands revealing from the top.

Group walks and hikes to Kongur Peak are very common. It’s a place beloved by cyclists as well.



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