Belasitsa Nature Park
Pavlina Georgieva

Belasitsa Nature Park


The former border regime has preserved the captivatingly wild look of Belasitsa Mountain. Its highest peak – Radomir (2029m) – rises above the narrow panoramic rocky ridge. Short and steep hills descend along its sides. Mountain rivers hurl themselves between them to form a number of waterfalls – Leshnishki, Yavornishki, Dabitsata, Mangaro and many others.


The Belasitsa Nature Park has been founded on the territory of the mountain to preserve its rich flora and fauna. The mountain is home to about 1200 plant species some of which are protected. This is the best place for fern thriving and only here you can see royal fern. Various types of orchids grow at the foot of the mountain. Centuries-old plane tree, chestnut and beech forests contribute to the huge diversity and value of this place.


Belasitsa is inhabited by over 1600 animal species, many of which – rare. The local bird population is particularly rich – among the approximately 120 species are some Mediterranean species untypical for the rest of Bulgaria.


In addition to all kinds of tourist opportunities, the park offers four theme trails – “Belasitsa’s butterflies and flowers,” “The life of a chestnut,” “The ant’s trail” and “Friends.” Interesting facts about the local plant and animal life are presented amid the authentic surroundings of the mountain.


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