Locality of Rupite

Locality of Rupite


Near the Petrich village of Rupite there’s a locality bearing the same name. It is protected because of the rich diversity of animal and plant species that inhabit it. There’s a particular abundance of snakes and birds – over 200 feathery species. One of Bulgaria’s two major migration routes – Via Aristotelis – goes above this place. The locality takes up the slopes of the extinguished volcano of Kozhuh Planina. In addition to the abundance of flora and fauna representatives, it is famous for its healing mineral waters which spring with a temperature of 74 °C and help with the treatment of various diseases.


Here are also the remains of one of the biggest ancient cities along the Struma River. It dates from the distant 4th century BC and was the main city of the Sintians Thracian tribe – Heraclea Sintica.


Undoubtedly, however, the locality of Rupite owes its popularity primarily to Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Vanga. She used to live here in a little house in the last years of her earthly journey. She picked up this place because the earth here was miraculous and infused with peculiar energy. Nearby, she also constructed the St. Petka of Bulgaria Temple-Monument which is a whole complex offering rest, peace and humbleness. The locality and the temple are in the list of 100 National Tourist Sites. Every year on 15 August the place hosts a traditional gathering. 


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