Tumba Peak
Pavlina Georgieva

Tumba Peak


Tumba is a peak in Belasitsa Mountain, situated amid numerous pieces of evidence for the former border between Bulgaria and Greece. It is actually a crossing point between three countries – Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia. In the region you can still see observation posts, border stones and remains of trenches and bunkers.


The peak is situated at 1880 metres above sea level, on the main ridge of the mountain. It has the shape of a dome with its southern and northern slopes being especially steep. Although it is not among the highest peaks, its ascent is a true challenge because of the big denivelation – from 200 to 1880 metres. This makes its conquering quite continuous. The villages of Skart, Klyuch and Gabrene are exit points for Tumba Peak. Traditionally, every summer there is an organized international tourist trip to the peak called “Balkans – without borders.”



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