"Koprinka" Reservoir

"Koprinka" Reservoir


"Koprinka" is known for its numerous arms and bays. These places are so naturally beautiful and serene that they easily create great conditions for all sorts of recreation – having a picnic, enjoying water sports, hiking, angling... But ever since it was built, the reservoir has always been surrounded by mysteries reminiscent of thousands of years of history. The Thracian town of Seuthopolis lies at its very bottom. It is still the only completely studied Thracian city in Bulgaria. It was discovered in 1948 while construction work on the dam project was carried out.  Seuthopolis is an invaluable source of information about the way of life of its ancient inhabitants - the Thracians. Sadly, at present it remains inhabited, only by very different species – the aquatic animals.

The water area stretches along the Tundzha River in the so called Rose Valley near the town of Kazanlak, occupying a total area of 11.2 sq. km. and reaching a depth of 80 m. The water is used for irrigation, industrial water supply and electricity generation. The dam is designed to be used as a route between the two shores of the water area as well.

But those are just plain facts about "Koprinka". The warmth and emotions connected to the place and its history have been bringing people back here for decades. Here, the tranquility and comfort of stunning nature is intertwined with the mysterious past of an ancient and glorious nation.


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