Iskra History Museum, Kazanlak
Iskra History Museum

Iskra History Museum, Kazanlak


Founded in 1901, this Kazanlak museum is among the oldest in Bulgaria. Containing more than 50 000 exhibits, it reflects the exceptionally rich material and spiritual culture of the whole region.


The museum is famous for owning the richest collection of primitive bone sickles in the entire Southeastern Europe. The visitor is also impressed by the collections of medieval pottery, stone instruments of labour, adornments, national costumes and jewelry. One gets easily excited by the encounter with mysterious Thracian tombs and the objects discovered in them. The so called Trezor (safety vault) Hall will welcome you with the newest golden, silver and bronze finds from the Thracian temples. The place is sparkling with the Thracian ruler Seuthes III’s unique belongings, among which are his golden crown, helmet, greaves and others.


The diverse historical heritage of the Kazanlak region is divided into six sections: Archaeology, Middle Ages, Revival, Ethnography, New history and Newest history.


In addition to viewing the valuable collections, the museum offers demonstrations of traditional local rituals related to the Rose Festival and rose oil production as well as lectures, film screenings and others.


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