Lyubomir Kabakchiev Theatre
Lyubomir Kabakchiev Theatre

Lyubomir Kabakchiev Theatre


Lyubomir Kabakchiev Theatre is a dramatic repertory theatre with the status of a municipal culture institute and successor of the stage traditions of Iskra – 1860 People’s Community Centre – Kazanlak.


In the last 15 years, the theatre – already a professional one – has been outlining its own character in the cultural space of Kazanlak thanks to its tens of performances and hundred thousands of spectators and has won a number of Bulgarian and international awards.


The theatre company maintains a diverse repertoire of plays for children and performances for adults of the whole spectre of stage arts. Lyubomir Kabakchiev Theatre has its audience on the whole territory of Bulgaria and has participated in festivals in Macedonia, Turkey and Russia.


In the last two years the theatre has had a particularly big role in Kazanlak’s cultural life with its production attracting new audience as a memorable part of the biggest cultural events in Kazanlak, the Valley of Roses and Thracian Kings.


The creative core of Lyubomir Kabakchiev Theatre has all the possibilities to stage productions attractive for the guests and tourists in the Valley of Roses and Thracian Kings with a whole spectre of stage art devices.


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