Kademliysko Praskalo Falls

Kademliysko Praskalo Falls


The waterfall gets its name from the eponymous river – Kademliyska River, a tributary of the Tazha River. If you get a chance to visit that remarkable place, consider yourself fortunate. Its scenic beauty is a visual treat but it goes far deeper than that. The Kademliisko Praskalo is considered one of the most impressive waterfalls in Bulgaria and for a very good reason. The waterfall drops about 70 meters, descending vertically over the steep cliffs, creating a striking landscape.


The waterfall is located in the Balkan Mountains, within the territory of the Central Balkan National Park, at the foot of Triglav Peak (literally 'Three-head'—that is, 'three peaks'). The place is special because of the karst spring, beneath the falls, and the small cave nearby that remains covered in ice even during the early summer.


The old road from the village of Tuzha leads to the waterfall. The Tuzha Cabin, relatively close to the Kademliysko Praskalo falls, is a convenient place to stay.


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