The Musala Lakes
Desislava Yordanova

The Musala Lakes


The Musala Lakes (Musalenski ezera) are located in Rila Mountain, at the foot of the highest peak in the Balkan Peninsula – Musala (2925 metres). They belong to the territory of Rila National Park. The lakes are seven in number. The highest and deepest is Ledenoto ezero (The Icy Lake). It spans over an area of 18 decares at 2709 metres of altitude and is 16.4 metres deep. It has a glacier origin and only unfreezes between July and November. Its waters flow into the second and third lakes. The second lake is located at 2576 metres of altitude and just 32 metres below lies Alekovo ezero (Alekovo Lake), considered to be the most beautiful. Further below is the fourth lake which looses much of its water during the summer. The fifth lake – Karakashevo – is named after a young man who lost his life in it. At 26.2 decares it is the largest of all seven. Below is the sixth lake which, on its part, is the smallest – it spans over an area of 2.6 decares and is only 0.5 metres deep. The seventh and last lake is the most visited because of its proximity to Musala chalet. The last two water basins are where Bistritsa River originates from.


Musala chalet and the seventh lake are very easy to access. From the Borovets Resort you can take the cable car to Yastrebets chalet. From there a comparatively slant dirt road leads to the beautiful locality of the chalet. Walking there takes not more than an hour. And the views to the nearby peaks, the mountain slopes and the distant valleys are breathtakingly beautiful.


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