Belintash is a magical age-old place in the Eastern Rhodopes. There are many myths and legends surrounding it, even biblical ones. Traces of human activity spanning hundreds of thousands of years can be found there. Belintash is a plateau, composed of solid rock, about 800 meters long and between 20 and 40 meters wide. It is among the numerous Thracian megalithic monuments that are scattered around these places. Some scientists consider that the place was a Stone Age (4-3 thousand years BC) sanctuary, central for all the tribes in the area and may have been a site of pilgrimage.

The place name roughly means the "stone of knowledge" and has ancient Turkic roots. It is considered that the rock ledges have been used for astronomical observations as well. The multiple cylindrical cuts, bizarre channels and drips in the rock face bear a striking resemblance to an ancient sky map. There are two amazing wells atop the plateau. Regardless of rain, they are filled with water throughout the whole year. A possible explanation for the phenomenon is the occurrence of a strong energy field here.

The niches in the foothills of Belintash were probably used for residential purposes. A silver plate, bearing the image of a Thracian sun deity, most probably Sabazios - an embodiment of nature, always recreating itself, was found in the surrounding area.

And what better place than here – enveloped in mystery, surrounded by divine energy ...


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