The Pyramids of Stob
Georgi Jordanov

The Pyramids of Stob




“The Pyramids of Stob” or “The Mushrooms”, as the locals call them, were formed in a river-glacier trail, accumulated at the foot of the mountain – a layer that once covered the alpine parts of Rila in the Ice Age. The pyramids, most of them 7 to 10 meters high and colored in the yellowish-brown range, tower above the village of Stob, near Blagoevgrad. Quite a few of them are cone-shaped and topped with sandstone “caps”. The soil composition and weak cohesion determine the accelerated erosion here, which is why some pyramids are destroyed over time, while others are formed continuously. A legend binds the emergence of the rock pyramids with the beauty of a girl from a Rila village nearby- Bozovaya. She and her future husband decided to get married. The wedding party was proceeding towards the village of Stob, where the only church nearby was. On their way, they passed through the “Momina” area and reached the path of a ridge, neighboring the pyramids. However, the bride was so beautiful, that the best man couldn’t resist and kissed her. Because of his sin, the entire wedding procession was instantly turned to stone. And to this day, “the wedding party” represent a silent witness of a time long past.


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