The Crocodile Natural Phenomenon

The Crocodile Natural Phenomenon


If you happen to be near the Zlatograd villages of Dobromirtsi and Benkovski, you’ll come upon a wonderful view, resembling a landscape from a science fiction film. To the side of the road there’s an incredible rock phenomenon. In the unique forms of the rocks you’ll identify the image of an animal uncommon to the Balkans. A giant crocodile lies on the vast meadow. It is part of a cult rock complex. The ancient inhabitants of the region used the rocks for religious rites and carved niches, canals, little pools and altars in it.


Here is the so called Proviralo (“Getting through”) – a hole in the rock. Locals believe that if you go through it you’ll be cleansed from all evil. According to the tradition, after going through you should tie a part of your clothes on the tree below. These places have been considered sacred to this very day and most of the visitors do feel their peculiar energy. If you take a look around, you’ll enjoy further more breathtaking rock formations. You’ll identify the Stone Mushroom, the Elephant, the Lion’s Head, the Turtle and the Frog.


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