Veliki Preslav National Historical-Archaeological Reserve
Georgi Yordanov

Veliki Preslav National Historical-Archaeological Reserve


The great millennial history of Veliki Preslav still lives in the ruins of fortress walls, palaces, churches, monasteries, workshops and ateliers. All of them are united in a National Historical-Archaeological Reserve that covers some 500 hectares of Veliki Preslav - the old Bulgarian capital of the time between 893 and 972. Every stone that is laid here has absorbed the glorious past of Veliki Preslav. This past is invariably connected with the rise of the spiritual and literary life and with the so called Golden Age of Bulgaria under the rule of Simeon I. Because of this, the city’s fame spreads far beyond the borders of the country. The fortress walls of Veliki Preslav surrounded both the external and the internal city. Among the ruins that have been preserved to this day is the Palace Complex, consisting of two monumental buildings – the Big Palace and the Western Palace. The Throne Hall with its three sections is also quite impressive. And the admirable “Golden Church” is a unique monument for the whole history of Bulgarian architecture. Archaeological work here has led to the discovery of a huge amount of significant finds. The various precious objects are exhibited in the town’s Archaeological Museum. 


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