Historical and Archaeological Reserve "Shumen Fortress"

Historical and Archaeological Reserve "Shumen Fortress"


The historical and archaeological reserve "Shumen fortress" is situated on the Shumen plateau, 3 km away from the center of modern-day Shumen. Actually, this “open-air museum” holds some the most thoroughly studied ancient ruins in Bulgaria. An impressive number of church remains – 12, numerous artifacts - pottery, vessels, adornments, jewels, coins, etc.  and ancient Roman baths were excavated there. Research resulted in significant findings about the medieval Bulgarian way of life and methods of warfare.

The area around the ​​Shumen Fortress, also known as the “Old town”, was first inhabited in the early Iron Age (12th century BC.) The initial fortification was probably built by the Thracians and was later reconstructed by Romans, Byzantines, and Bulgarians. It is believed that the ancient stronghold was erected on four platforms. The impressive reconstructed fortress tower offers a magnificent view of the town of Shumen and "Shumen Plateau" Natural Park and attracts hundreds of visitors.

The fortress played a crucial role during the First Bulgarian Empire (681 AD - 1018 AD), due to its proximity to the first Bulgarian capitals - Pliska and Preslav. During the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (1185 - 1396) the town used to be an important economic and cultural center.

The landmark is a part of  the "100 Tourist sites of Bulgaria” program.


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