"Founders of the Bulgarian State" Monument
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"Founders of the Bulgarian State" Monument


"Founders of the Bulgarian State" or “The Monument to 1300 Years of Bulgaria” is an architectural complex, built to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of the First Bulgarian Empire. The monument is situated on  Ilchov Bair hill, on the territory of the Shumen Plateau Park, 6 km. away from the town of Shumen.
The monument recreates the most important moments of the early history of the Bulgarian state, symbolizes its establishment, development and progress. It was built in concrete; the 8 blocks forming two semi- halls. 21 sculptures of significant early Bulgarian rulers (VII-X centuries )occupy the spaces inside. Among them, the figures of the Khans Asparuh,Tervel, Krum and Omurtag truly stand out. There’re statues of King Boris I, King Simeon I and others.
The mosaic designs, with a total surface area of 540 m2 are considered the largest outdoor mosaic-triptych in the Balkans. The monument itself is 70m. high, with a panoramic view of the town of Shumen and is a starting point of various tourist routes across the plateau.
The complex has an information center and a permanent exhibition. Civil wedding ceremonies are often conducted here.
If you’re into intense experiences, you might try to climb the 1,300 steps of the monument on foot, starting from the downtown of Shumen. A real challenge, but totally worth it ..


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