Textile Industry Museum – Sliven
Textile Industry Museum – Sliven

Textile Industry Museum – Sliven


Sliven’s Textile Industry Museum is Bulgaria’s first permanent scientific-technical exhibition. It is a specialised museum of an industrial type whose main task is to reveal the leading position of textile production in the context of the social and economic aspects of Bulgaria’s industrial development as a whole; to show the history of the textile techniques and technology; to highlight Sliven’s role in the country’s industrial development and to represent the Bulgarian contribution to the global textile production.


Museum visitors are not just viewers but also participants in live demonstrations, having the unique possibility to test their tech skills on their own. The precious items of the museum form 36 collections altogether. Among the biggest of them are: textile crafts, craft items, tools and equipment for manual textile production, weaving techniques, knitting techniques and others.


The building that houses the museum is Bulgaria’s first textile school. It was built in 1906 and is a monument of culture.


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