House-museum "Ivan Vazov"
Georgi Jordanov

House-museum "Ivan Vazov"


Ivan Vazov is often referred to as "the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature" for his special merits to Bulgarian Renaissance and Post-Liberation literature. Ivan Vazov created an impressive literary fund in a number of literary genres - fiction, poetry, drama and more.

The writer’s home in the town of Sopot is now a museum telling the story of his life and work. Destroyed during the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878), the writer’s home was later rebuilt as an exact replica of the original house. In 1935 the museum-house was opened with a ceremony and a speech by Tsar Boris III.

The museum recreates the coziness and warmth of a typical Renaissance house. The exhibition presents household items, family belongings and everyday things, such as the loom of Vazov’s mother - Saba Vazova, rugs and carpets woven by her and more. In one of the halls, there’s a reenactment of a scene from Ivan Vazov’s novel "Uncles". A separate building houses a museum dedicated to the life and work of Ivan Vazov. Original editions of his works in different languages, photographs, manuscripts, correspondence and documents are collected and exhibited.


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