Dimitar Dobrovich Art Gallery
Dimitar Dobrovich Art Gallery

Dimitar Dobrovich Art Gallery


Dimitar Dobrovich Art Gallery – Sliven originates from 1905. In his will, Revival artist Dimitar Dobrovich left 14 of his works to his home town. Using them, the young artist Yordan Kyuvliev organized the first exhibition in the library of Zora Community Centre.


In 1965 Dimitar Dobrovich Art Gallery established itself as a standalone cultural institute with its own exhibition building and was officially named Dimitar Dobrovich Art Gallery.


Today the gallery owns over 6000 artworks – painting, graphics, sculpture, applied art, icons and church paraphernalia. The collection includes works made from 17th century up to now. The gallery has four permanent exhibitions: Contemporary Bulgarian Art, Old Sliven, Christian Art and Western European Graphics.


Two of the gallery’s permanent exhibitions are housed in the Sirak Skitnik Hall – Christian Art and Contemporary Bulgarian Art.


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