Sofia History Museum
Sofia History Museum

Sofia History Museum


A decision on the founding of a town's museum was taken back in 1928 at the proposal of the Mayor Vladimir Vazov. Initially the Museum combined the functions of a town's museum, library and archives. It is one of the oldest museums in the Capital along with the National, Military, and Archaeological Museums. The Rules of the Museum read: 'Collect, study and keep those objects of Sofia's material culture, which already have or will have a bearing on the history of the town'.


Although existing in various forms ever since 1941, the museum only got its own building in 2015 with the Central Municipal Mineral Baths adapted for the purpose. Its home alone is full of history. The building was built at the beginning of 20th century and was half-demolished in the bombing of Sofia in 1944. Then it was restored but decades later it was abandoned to finally be refashioned as a Sofia History Museum.


The museum’s permanent exhibition is situated in eight halls, which chronologically encompass the period from the 6th millennium BC till the 40s of 20th century. The halls are the following: The Heritage of Antiquity, the Power of Spirit, The Dynastic Connection with Western Europe, the Palace Cabinet, the Street of Sofia, the State and Municipal Institutions, the Home and Clothing of Sofia People and Cultural Life and Entertainment. Additionally, visitors can see two more halls housing temporary exhibitions.


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