National Museum of Natural History
National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History


The mission of the National Museum of Natural History is focused on several spheres: fundamental and applied research, collection management and preservation, distribution of scientific knowledge through the exhibition and in the popular literature; training of doctoral students and young specialists and expert activity.


NMNH is the only national institution that predominantly engages in the conservation of scientific collections of animate and inanimate nature from Bulgaria and abroad. Among the museum’s main priorities are studying the biological diversity, environment conservation and evolution of the species. In relation to that, the National Museum of Natural History’s main task is the comprehensive study of the fauna, the flora, the fossils, the minerals and the rocks of Bulgaria and other countries. The scientific fields the museum develops are: taxonomy, fauna studies, zoogeography and ecology of arachnids, centipedes, insects and all classes of vertebrates; taxonomy of fossil mammals, birds and brachiopods; floristics and mineralogy. The National Museum of Natural History puts priority on the development of certain fields and so functions a national centre of biospeleology, archaeozoology and paleontology of the vertebrates as well as of bat research. Insect research is also highly developed.


Along with its scientific activity, the museum maintains its exposition and enriches and polishes the scientific collections. This way NMNH fulfills its educational and promotional mission. Every year, nearly 50000 (and in some years – 115 000) people visit the museum. Its halls give practical knowledge to students and pupils. Temporary exhibitions are also organized. 


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