National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria

National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria


The National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria was established in 1879. The building has been proclaimed a monument of culture for its historic significance. It was built in the short time of two years (1884-1886) in the Neo-Renaissance style. The interior has been repeatedly refurbished; extensions to the main building have been added as well. The necropolis of ancient Serdica lies beneath the edifice.

As a matter of fact, the desks in the Parliament are among the most valuable items  - manufactured in the1960s and made from unique oriental beech wood subjected to softening process by boiling. The imposing chandelier weighing more than a ton is situated in the north entrance lobby. The National Assembly Archive keeps all parliamentary registers of history of the proceedings and debates ever since its establishment.
The emblematic motto of the Assembly, inscribed above the main entrance - "Unity makes strength” (as the motto on the Coat of arms of Bulgaria) was removed just once only to be replaced by “In Unity lies Strength”.

However the new inscription was not well received and the renowned old motto was restored.


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