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Memorial Tomb of Alexander I of Battenberg - the Battenberg Mausoleum

Memorial Tomb of Alexander I of Battenberg - the Battenberg Mausoleum


The grateful people of Bulgaria built the first Head of State of modern Bulgaria- Alexander of Battenberg a Memorial Tomb better known as the Battenberg Mausoleum. Prince Alexander I of Bulgaria (1857–1893) participated in the Russo - Turkish War (1877-1878). After the Liberation (1878) he was unanimously elected Prince (knyaz) of Bulgaria by the First Great National Assembly. In accordance with his last will, the Prince was buried in Bulgaria and initially his remains were laid to rest in the Church of St. George. The mausoleum was built subsequently. It is located at Vasil Levski Blvd. in Sofia. Designed in the eclectic style with elements of Neo-Baroque and Neoclassicism, the mausoleum measures 11 m. in height and 80sq. m. in area and was opened in 1897. A stylized princely coat of arms is placed at the entrance of the complex, while the exterior walls are richly decorated.

Behind the marble sarcophagus there is a sculpture of the Prince. The mausoleum also exhibits some of Prince Alexander's private possessions –his battle coat, his sword and cap, etc. After nearly 50 years of oblivion during the period of Communist rule in Bulgaria, at present the Memorial Tomb is open and accessible again.


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